Yasmine Ali-Oporto

Wellness & Essential Oil Educator, Founder of the O.C.C.

Yasmine is our essential oils and natural product guru here at the Collective. She has a background in Communication Sciences and previously worked in the school system with children with special needs. She loves to learn and reading and singing are two things that light her up.


Yasmine has always been into a more natural lifestyle, but with different health issues, she found herself taking more medication and going to more doctors than she would have liked. After extensive research, she swapped out all of her personal care and cleaning products and started to incorporate essential oils and supplements to support her body naturally. She was able to completely go off of medication and her journey led her here, where she incorporates her knowledge of essential oils and non-toxic products to empower people to take back their health and wellness.


Yasmine is a Young Living Distributor and offers many classes and seminars on supporting our bodily systems naturally. Be sure to ask her to hear her whole story! It’s a good one! 

For more information on Young Living and essential oils contact Yasmine directly

Email: YasmineHeybaAli@gmail.com

Instagram: @heyba

Facebook: @theocc

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