Robin Serna, Crystal and Sound healing

Robin Serna is a natural and trained healer who spent 12 formative years in a contemplative monastery, living a spirituality of daily prayer and contemplation, study and manual labor. She had a life-long passion for music and composed many pieces during and after her contemplative life. Music has always been her one true love!


Upon leaving, Robin was drawn to service as a wellness healer and became certified in Reiki (2000), Thought Field Therapy and hypnosis (2001), Access Consciousness: The Bars (2016) and The Foundation (2017). She has also studied NLP, Quantum Touch, EFT, Energy Medicine and other alternative wellness modalities including light, vibration, and color/ crystal therapies which she incorporates into her Energy work.

Robin has been studying and doing sound healing since 2016. This has become her passion as her love for sound and music brings her much joy. She uses Tibetan and crystal bowls, gongs, drums, voice, and other instruments as a high-vibration way to go inward and find peace.


Robin performs various sound concerts with Suzanna Antal-Proietti in local areas throughout Connecticut. Robin is available for group events, classes, and concerts, and can also be booked for personal sound healing sessions and The Bars. CDs are also available.

For appointments and information contact Robin

(203) 219-6337 or email

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