Arden Donahue, LMT, Shamanic Healer, Teacher

 Arden is a masterful healer, Spiritual Guide & founder of The Sono Healing Collective ~ with over twenty-five years of experience in bodywork and healing. She deftly uses her keen intuitive insight to pinpoint energies that are ready for transformation. 
Arden facilitates a six-week Deep Dive several times a year for women & couples into the nature of consciousness and the ancient Hermetic Principles & Universal Laws that govern this physical realm.
She is a natural born Healer and facilitator of Spiritual growth and Transformation ~ having worked with Dr. Verna Yater,  Dr. Warren Hammer, Linda Hooper, Foster Perry, Dr. Gregory Antyuhin, and others.  
Her private sessions last two hours and the energy exchange is $250.

For more information and to book appointments contact Arden directly

(203) 919-6823


“It is 100% clear what Arden is here on this planet to do. She has the beautiful gift of being able to help others on their healing journey.” KT

“I have a new sense of self-love, appreciation and feel grounded/rooted as a result of this class. Arden is a wonderful facilitator. She offers guidance through written and spoken word, and through modeling self care practices. She undeniably walks the talk.  Her encouragement and guidance is non- judgmental and soul to you have to be ready to open yours up. Show up. See Yourself,  Be Seen.” B.B.

"My first experience meeting and working with Arden through bodywork was one of much-needed healing this past summer. I instantly felt a strong energetic connection to her and that energy stays with me for days after a massage or spiritual healing session. Arden has created a beautiful and serene environment in her space that lets you feel at ease when you come to see her. As a spiritual healer, every session that I have had with Arden has brought me to a place of higher energy and consciousness that brings my heart joy and has changed my life and interactions with others. My anxiety has decreased and I have let go of pain, guilt, and shame from this lifetime and the others that came before. Her work has truly made a difference for me and I can't thank her enough. I always look forward to my time with her because I know I will learn something new about myself that needs healing. She has become my "go to" for self-care and reflection."  Kat

“Arden Donahue is not only an incredible, galactic being, she is an insightful, gracious, authentic teacher. I honestly don’t know if I would be in the place I am today if it weren’t for her. She is as genuine as ever, and really knows how to connect with you and feel your energy. Not only does her presence alone lift your spirits, she has allowed me to dive deep into my mind, heart, and soul and deal with certain parts of me that needed clearing, and awaken/recognize the parts of me that were hidden. I have gone to therapy for years but never got the help and guidance I needed until I started meeting with her. Arden has a way with words and actions. Whether I am receiving energy work or simply discussing certain aspects in life, I always leave feeling completely relieved, confident, happy and most importantly loved. It’s not everyday you come across someone whose mission is so important to them to help heal others. She has not only become a master teacher of mine but a heartfelt friend. I am extremely grateful for all that she is and all that she does.”  G.E.

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